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    Flea Control Products                                                  

After killing off the neighborhood rodents, many folks are experiencing flea problems. PT Ultracide Pressurized Flea Insecticide is a ready-to-spray odorless product for indoor treatment that will address all four stages of the flea. Permethrin, which kills the larval and adult stages for thirty days, is coupled with an IGR (Insect Growth Regulator) that prevents the eggs from hatching. The twenty-ounce can covers about 2,000 square feet. Ultracide delivers a fine mist that dries quickly. It is water based and can be applied to hardwood floors, tile, and carpets. Keep children and pets out of area until dry.

For outside treatment, 38+ Insecticide is a 38% Permethrin that kills a long list of outdoor pests. Apply in the late evening using a hose end sprayer to soak the chemical into the soil for lasting affect (until the next rain). Application rate is one tablespoon per gallon for every 1,000 square feet.  Kills the larval and adult stages but not the egg or pupa so repeat in 10-14 days.  People and pets need to be out of the treated area until the next morning when the sun dries everything.


The Three Rodents that are currently very active in the New Orleans metro area due to closing of local restaurants and bars:

The House Mouse has a small home range and usually stays close to food and water.  

The Roof Rat is the climber that you see on power lines and fences.   Has a large home range and lives in attics, trees and sheds.

The Norway Rat is the ground dweller that lives under sheds and decks, where soil has subsided under slabs, or it digs holes in the ground. It also uses a large home range to find food and water.


Ramik poison comes in toss packs, one-pound bars, or mini-bars. Rodent Cafe' safety bait stations help you place poison outside responsibly so that non-target animals can't get it.

After activity has stopped, follow up with spraying Jade Cleaner to erase the rodent scent trails.  Jade has a fresh mint and pine fragrance. Apply around the base of the house, the fence line, and the garbage can area to eliminate food smells that might draw them to your area. Can also be used indoors to mop floors and clean counters.

July, 2020 was the wettest July in New Orleans weather history  and Drywood Termite colonies are moving around!


Drywood termites need just a little bit of water to survive but they cannot regulate the amount of moisture in the wood like the other types of termites can. If their nest area gets too wet, they must move to a drier area. If it dries out too much, they have to move to a wetter spot.  Wherever they are active, they will leave a pile of their poop (frass) that resembles coffee grounds and will be the same color as the wood they are eating.

CONTROL PRODUCTS:  USE Premise Foam to kill the activity then follow up with Bora Care for long-term wood protection. 


Many folks are experiencing flea issues this summer! The closing of local restaurants, bars, schools, etc., has displaced many animals like rats, mice, possums, and raccoons (all can carry fleas).

Ultracide (hand-held aerosol) for inside use covers about 2,000 sq. feet                    38+ concentrate applied w/ hose end sprayer for the yard treats 8,000 sq. ft. twice


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